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Studio welcomes audio-recording projects of all type. Lastly we specialize in recording of vocal ensembles and vocal choirs a capella as well as accompanied by various musical instruments and also full orchestras.

Studio is equipped with digital recording technology with consequent recording into 24 tracks.


Master´s Voice

We offer

Professional recording wherever in terrain. Our recording equipment is fully mobile which enables us to record large orchestras wherever out of own interiors. For instance, in concert halls, theaters, churches. Example samples are the best evidence.
Playbacks (over-dubbing) of various instruments and additional vocals in our own studio. Sample recording of Antonin Dvorak Choir is the good example of additional playback of female vocal and the flute.
Recordings of spoken word, commentaries for learning and presentation multimedia programs. For Multilingual Recording Studio in USA we record Czech and Slovak scripts for VO projects.
Recordings of sounds for theatre plays, accompaniment music and sound effects.
Recordings of sounds for advertising spots.
Our service includes the final mix of each recording, its edit, mastering and production of the master for serial manufacture.
Restauration of recordings from all type 20th century playing records and their re-recording on new media according to customer choice.
At request we prepare graphic design for CD, print data for printing plant and delivery of any amount of CD.
Arrangement of multimedia clips as enhancement of classic sound CD.

For some pictures from our last activities see the czech Main Page