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Audio Hardware/Software

Recording machine


ALESIS ADAT HD24 - 24 track recorder, 24 bit, 48 kHz.

Intel Core2 Quad 2,83 MHz Processor, MoBo ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe, Chipset IntelP45, 4GB RAM, HDD 2x750 GB Samsung.
Special PC sound damping: all inner walls are beplasted with 3 mm cork pannels, voltage of all fans is decreased to 7 V, both HDD are in special hanger so they don´t touch the case.

Some other PCs for data processing & backup, altogether approx. 6TB HDD space.


Sound Card

M-Audio Delta-1010, eight analog inputs/outputs, 1x S/PDIF, MIDI IN/OUT, Wordclock. Max. resolution 24 bit, sampling 96 kHz.
In another machine M-Audio Delta-44

See Block Scheme. Signal routing in connection with multitrack editor.

PC audio SW

Adobe Audition 3.0, 128 multitrack and editor,
Sound Forge V5.0,
Plugins for all needs.
Izotope Ozone V4.0 mastering tool,
Antares Auto Tune3,



2x AKG 414 ULS,
2x AKG C1000S,
1x AKG C1000S (A)
1x AKG C480 comb-ULS/61,
1x AKG D880S,
2x Neumann KM 184,
2x SE Electronic sE1A (P)
1x Shure SM57,
1x Shure Beta 52.

For stereo recording four basic mic techniques are used:

Other Machines

Focusrite Platinum Octopre, 8 channel mic pre,
M-Audio: Audio Buddy,

  • Mixer Eurorack MX 2004A,
  • Compressor Autocom Pro,
  • Compressor Multicom Pro,
  • MicPre Ultragain Pro,
  • Effects Virtualizer Pro,
  • Enhancer Ultraflex Pro,
  • Headphones 4x Pre Multiplay Pro.

Technics Stereo Cassette RS-AZ6,
2x SONY CD/DVD Player,
ZOOM H4n recorder,
ZOOM H6 recorder.

For reconstruction of old records:
Special turntable,
Old production Reel Tape recorders.
Monitors and Headphones 2x Genelec 1030A,
3x Sennheiser HD 280 Pro,
1x Sony MDR-CD 870,
2x Sony MDR-CD 170,
1x Koss MAC-7